Banquet on the Ground

An allegory of the Free Market System vs. Socialism

an Audio Book for the whole family

Written & Illustrated by Nina May

Narrated by Cheryl Rhoads

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The story is told from the perspective of animals in a small yard world who have always taken care of themselves and their
families until a generous "seed woman," moves into the house, and starts giving them delightful edibles at the Banquet on the Ground. The evolution from free choice and liberty to a life of fear, oppression and control is seen as the yard world moves from supplementing their labor with a few chosen edibles, to suddenly replacing their efforts with the expected daily handouts. It is a timeless message for all ages, and gives families a chance to discuss the characters, their decisions and the ultimate finale that impacts all of their lives. 


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Banquet on the Ground is a Renaissance Women Production. Copyright 2015 by Nina May, all rights reserved.  The sound and editing was done at Studio Unknown.